“Where new Career Coaches come to start small, become masterful, and build big.”

If you haven’t found your groove as a Career Coach yet, start here.

PCC – Career & Life Transition Coach


Find your groove as a Career Coach with proven, clear strategies to start, accelerate, and transform your career coaching business.

Certified but still don’t feel ready? Start here.

Want to feel prepared before starting a certification? Start here. 

Struggling with confidence? Start here.

Want to snoop inside a thriving practice to get ideas? Start here. 

The done-for-you templates, downloadable resources, and the minimalist business systems you need for a lean launch are here and ready to be infused with what makes your coaching unique.


A total of 1-ish hours of video content broken into 7 self-paced, bite-sized modules


15 downloadable resources (many are white-labeled for your branding)


4 modules on answering top questions I get from new coaches


3 videos on the exercise combo for clients who don’t know what to do next.

A sneak peek to see if Career Coaching is the right career for you. 

Whether you are a newly certified coach or just thinking about certificaiton, this program is what you wish was taught in those trainings.

Even if you’ve been coaching for a few years and are looking for fresh visioning exercises….join us!

  1. Answers

    How do I conduct a discovery call? (Learn how I do mine.)

    How do I create a proposal? (Get an impressive one ready for your branding.)

    How do I keep track of all the exercises and questions I’ve collected? (I’ll show you.) 

    And more…

  2. The Lean Launch

    If you want to start small with 1:1 clients, if coaching is a side hustle for now, and if you need to stretch your startup funds before jumping into the land of marketing funnels – I did it –  and I’ll show you exactly how.

    It doesn’t take as much as you think.

  3. Client Exercises

    Three exercises (ready for your logo) to move career-confused clients from dreaming to desiring to doing.

    With this power pack of exercises, you’ll have the framework that has helped hundreds of clients find a path – or three – and start exploring! 

    You will see examples, client outcomes, and how to use these exercises transformationally vs. transactionally.



Meet Barbara

I’m Barbara from Career Wellness Partners & Live Your Genuine coaching, a career and life transition coaching business I’ve been running since 2013. I hold a PCC with the ICF, spent close to 900 hours (and counting) in individual coaching sessions, co-facilitated career coach training classes for an ICF-approved program, and coach MBA students at Lehigh University. Learn more about my story here.

What New Coaches Say About SparkSessions


“My session #3 went so well yesterday, and I’m grateful that this course (Thanks Barbara!) has coincided with my first career transition client.”


“THANK YOU, Barbara! If it hadn’t been for this program and the way you’ve shared your robust tools, the call with my client may not have been as powerful as it was.”


“Something clicked during the module I was listening to yesterday and magic happened today! I have had two chemistry calls and two packages sold on the spot for 8 and 10 sessions!”

Who is this course for?

This is a minimalist approach for coaches who want to start by working one-on-one with clients. 
If you need a little spark to lead you to certification, or get your practice roaring after you’re certified, this course is designed for you.


You just can’t seem to get started becuase you “need everything in place” or you want to start small becuase coaching is a side hustle for now.


You don’t know how to conduct a discovery call that converts or you want a client proposal (exactly what I use), and another, ready for your branding.


You want 3 new exercises that are unlike anything you’ve used so far.


You’re bootstrapping your launch and you want to see if you like this coaching thing before you invest tons of money in systems

Learn at your own pace, anywhere.