Spark your coaching. 
Spark your clients.
Spark your life.

WARNING! If you take this course you won’t have any more reasons not to start.


You’re a certified career coach. Now what?

Your certification training taught you how to “be” a coach with your clients but you still feel like you don’t know how to “do” this coaching thing. 

I’m Barbara from Career Wellness Partners & Live Your Genuine coaching, a career and life transition coaching business I’ve been running since 2013. I hold a PCC with the ICF, spent close to 900 hours (and counting) in individual coaching sessions, co-facilitated career coach training classes for an ICF-approved program, and coach MBA students at Lehigh University. Learn more about my story here.

Between coach certification training and the “Build-your-6-figure-business-in-6-weeks” schmoozy sales pitch….there is     a     big     gap.

With no magical sales talk, this entry-level course closes that gap in two ways: 

1. Offering home-grown, bootstrappy, easy tips for STARTING now and dipping your toes in by coaching 1:1 before creating your high-ticket offerings.

2. Answering the most common “how-to” questions asked by new coaches.

WARNING: If you take this course you won’t have any more reasons not to start. 

YOU’RE READY. It’s time.

Spark your coaching. 
Ignite your practice.


How do I conduct a discovery call? (Learn how I do mine.)

How do I create a proposal? (Get an impressive one ready for your branding.)

How do I keep track of all the exercises and questions I’ve collected? (I’ll show you.) 

And more…


If you want to start small with 1:1 clients, if coaching is a side hustle for now, and if you need to stretch your startup funds before jumping into the land of marketing funnels – I did it –  and I’ll show you exactly how.

It doesn’t take as much as you think.


Three exercises (ready for your logo) to move career-confused clients from dreaming to desiring to doing.

With this power pack of exercises, you’ll have the framework that has helped hundreds of clients find a path – or three – and start exploring! 

You will see examples, client outcomes, and how to use these exercises transformationally vs. transactionally.


I white-labeled many of my “secrets” and included them for download so you can brand as your own including the exercises, resources, and frameworks I developed over the years.

Take with you what works and let them spark your genuine style as you grow. 

Save tons of trial-and-error time and start coaching.

This program is literally my stuff…core methods that I created along my coaching and business-building journey…packaged up and shared with you to save you time and build your confidence.

The done-for-you templates, downloadable resources, and the  minimalist business systems you need for a lean launch are here and ready to be infused with what makes your coaching unique. 


  • A total of 1-ish hours of video content broken into 7 self-paced, bite-sized modules
  • 15 downloadable resources (many are white-labeled for your branding)
  • 4 modules on answering top questions I get from new coaches
  • 3 videos on the exercise combo for clients who don’t know what to do next.  AND one bonus visioning exercise. It’s the “inner” work of the career discovery process
  • Insider tips on how to keep client info organized AND in front of you for each session, a list of career resources I give to every client, exactly how I built my business, and exactly what you need to start yours.
  • What you WON’T GET is:
  • A marketing strategy
  • Lessons on creating a funnel
  • A step-by-step guide for how to attract and land clients
  • A deep dive into business systems and software. (BTW – you don’t need as much as you think.)

Yes, I will share the unconventional way I’ve built and still run this business, the systems I currently use for scheduling, payment, etc., but this is not a course in marketing your business or hacking your way to a six-figure business in a few weeks. 

You also won’t get constant emails or be endlessley pitched to. If you like what you get here, let me know, and I’ll reach out only if something new comes out. 

If you like what you find in the course and want to talk, message me! Maybe we’ll create a group session or two or do some individual coaching around whatever is preventing your launch.


Who is this course for?

Whether you are a newly certified coach or just thinking about certificaiton, this program is what you wish was taught in those trainings. Even if you’ve been coaching for a few years and are looking for fresh visioning exercises….join us!

This is a minimalist approach for coaches who want to start by working one-on-one with clients.

This course is for you if:

  • You just can’t seem to get started becuase you “need everything in place” 
  • You don’t know how to conduct a discovery call that converts
  • You want 3 new exercises that are unlike anything you’ve used so far
  • You want a client proposal (exactly what I use), and another – ready for your branding
  • You want to start small becuase coaching is a side hustle for now
  • You’re bootstrapping your launch and you want to see if you like this coaching thing before you invest tons of money in systems
  • You’d like to be a fly on the wall of an experienced coach to learn insider tips and tricks for success on your terms

If you need a little spark to get your practice roaring, this course is designed for you.



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What New Coaches Say About SparkSessions

“My session #3 went so well yesterday, and I’m grateful that this course (Thanks Barbara!) has coincided with my first career transition client.”

Certified Career Management Coach

“I am so grateful for the encouragement this course provided to trust myself. Taking that to heart has been freeing, alleviated the stress that was building, is enabling me to feel a lot more confident, and generating much more “flow.” You were totally on target!”

Certified Career Management Coach

“THANK YOU, Barbara! If it hadn’t been for this program and the way you’ve shared your robust tools, the call with my client may not have been as powerful as it was.”

Professional Certified Coach